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Exciting activities near Carsington Water

Rustic Retreats is located near the breathtaking Carsington water in Matlock, Derbyshire. This feature and the surrounding area provides visitors with plenty of activities to fill up their itinerary. You don’t have to travel far, with various avenues to explore close to Rustic Retreats. Here are 5 things to do within a 15-minute drive of our rustic cottages. 

Carsington Water

  • Sports and Leisure
  • 10-minute drive 

This beautiful body of water is perfect for those thrill-seekers out there, with activities from watersports to cycle hire, you can keep the whole family entertained for hours. Spend the day observing the reservoir, or attempting to clamber out of it, before returning to Rustic Retreats for a good night’s sleep.

Only 10 minutes away and visible from your hot tub, Carsington water keeps you close to home for a reasonable price. 

Vintage Adventure Tours

  • Historic Adventures
  • 13-minute drive

Ever fancied a drive down memory lane? Vintage Adventure Tours can take you there. Located in the heart of the peak district, these tours are designed to inspire and steal your breath. Journey along hidden roads and past daunting stone walls in an open-top vintage car from the ’20s. You can even satisfy your pride and prejudice desires with Mr Darcy’s Dales tour.

Each trip can be personalised, down to the stops and starts, and prices are based on the time taken as well as the distance travelled. Ideal for anniversaries, celebrations or just for reminiscing. 

Heights of Abraham

  • Cable Cars and Caves
  • 15-minute drive

The Heights of Abraham, situated in the Derbyshire countryside, can be accessed with a spectacular cable car ride up to the hilltop park. From there, you have access to cave tours, fossil exhibitions and much more! 

If you fancy a challenge, you can forego the cable cars and face the steep climb instead. It’s free to walk up, with activities at the top costing as little as £7. A worthwhile adventure, if not for the breathtaking views but the underground history too. 

Black Rocks

  • Climbing and Hiking
  • 9-minute drive

The Matlock landscape is perfectly designed for walking holidays, with Black Rocks another excellent feature. Whilst the walk is steep, the resulting views are certainly worth it. With wildlife trails, cycling paths and bridleways, there is a route suited to everyone. 

This old mining area creates a brilliant opportunity to look for interesting rocks and minerals, with history hidden away in every crevice. The wildlife and woodland will entertain the kids whilst you enjoy the scenery, all at the mere expense of a parking ticket. 

Peak District Mining Museum

  • Guided Historic Tours
  • 13-minute drive

If you’re searching for a more laidback activity, look no further than the Peak District Mining Museum. Experience the captivating history of Derbyshire during the mining era and understand the lives people used to live. 

Not only can you visit the main museum, but you can also take part in underground mine tours located across the road. There you can discover an authentic vision of a working mine, educational for the whole family. 

Carsington Water is an ideal location for all, with an abundance of activities suited to every age group. Book your stay at Rustic Retreats now, and enjoy all of what Matlock has to offer.