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Spring Holiday Clothing Ideas 2022

Who says spring is not also the perfect time of year for a holiday? From the re-emergence of greener grasses to the bold reappearance of flowers, spring is that time of the year that signals a reawakening. In the same vein, spring makes people bounce back, which makes it a great time to go on a holiday.

Spring is that time of year when the weather is normally milder, but it still has a tendency to be wet from rain or snow. However, this still makes it the perfect holiday season, as there are no extreme weather conditions. 

After escaping the cold winter, you just want to relax away from the hustle and bustle in a peaceful rural holiday destination. Do not look any further, this blog on spring holiday clothing ideas from Gemini Woman has been put together, to guide you through packing your spring holiday bags.


Because of how the weather fluctuates in spring regardless of it being generally warmer than winter, you will need to pack up some jumpers as part of your spring holiday clothing. The Amazing Woman brand offers a broad range of colourful jumpers, that are versatile and exude life. They can be paired with trousers, jeans, skirts, dresses, shirts, and any other piece of clothing you would want to experiment with. These pieces from Amazing Woman are perfect for the theme of the season as you have a burst of colours to pick from.


Be it jeans, joggers, pull-on trousers, lounger pants or whichever your preference is, the DECK, Masai, and Robell brands have got you covered. This enables you to switch it on and off, depending on the weather and how warm you feel. You could pair your trousers with jumpers on cooler days, and lighter tops on warmer days.

Trainers and Sneakers

Trainers and sneakers are an amazing choice during your spring holiday. Gemini’s Woman Tamaris, Caprice, and Victoria Shoes offer you trainers and sneakers with inner soles as part of your spring holiday clothing, to offer you comfort all day long. These brands produce shoes that contain innovative technology, making them super easy and light to put on. They concentrate on leaving room for imagination while maintaining a clear style and similar design language. Perfect as part of your spring holiday clothing, if you ask me.


Dresses, be it maxi, mini, midi, floral, or plain are a perfect spring holiday clothing piece. Since layering is essential during spring because of the weather transitions, you can consider pairing up your dresses with jumpers on cooler days. Brands like Foil and Sahara on Gemini Woman offer spring holiday dresses in a variety of colours, prints, styles and patterns. 


You can never go wrong with skirts as part of your spring holiday clothing wardrobe. From figure-hugging jerseys to fabulous prints, Gemini Woman has a handpicked selection of skirts from brands like Arka, Adini and Mama B. All stylish, chic, and perfect as part of your spring holiday clothing, these skirts can be paired with jumpers, sneakers, trainers, blouses, and just anything.


Caprice and Tamaris Shoes have amazing sandals options you can choose from for your holiday. You may want to step up your wardrobe on some days and may want footwear other than trainers or sneakers. One beautiful thing about packing up sandals in your spring holiday clothing bag is that they go with just any outfit. Another beautiful thing is that you could have them as flats, wedges, or heels.


There’s something for everyone, from beautiful patterns to everyday staples, just the perfect options for your spring holiday clothing wardrobe. With brands like Chalk, Rosemunde and Masai, Gemini Woman has it all. From cotton vests to jersey tops and shirts, warmer days during your spring holiday are in for the best that fashion has to offer.


Get in contact with Gemini Woman, and shop fabulous spring holiday clothing today. Boring clothing is not an option, even while enjoying the serenity of a rural cottage, away from the hustle and bustle. Call Gemini Woman on 01789 266 894 and allow them to fix you up with amazing spring holiday clothing pieces.