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Top 10 Hikes Around Carsington Water

As we start approaching the end of winter and wildlife starts to bloom, it’s only right that we strap up our hiking gear and get ready for some scenic walks around Carsington Water in these sun-filled warmer temperatures. 

Of the many varied walks around Carsington Water, here are our top 10: 

1. Carsington Parking Loop from Hognaston CP

If you’re looking for an easy and straightforward walk after a heavy meal, then this trail is perfect for you. One of the shortest walks around Carsington Water, this route takes only 59 minutes to complete, with a distance of 2.40 miles. 

This walk starts and ends at the Mainsail Restaurant – a unique dining experience with impressive views of the Carsington Water Reservoir. It then takes you on a straight path beside the reservoir, giving you the opportunity to bask in the sunshine and fresh air.

2. Wooden Sculptures – The Viewing Tower Loop from Hognaston

Fancying a walk with artistic flair? This 2.85 mile trek is suitable for people wanting a short and easy stroll filled with fairytale-like wooden sculptures that captivate with their unique and ambitious style. 

A hiking highlight, this trail takes around 1 hour and 11 minutes to complete. 

3. The Viewing Tower – Wooden Sculptures Loop from Carsington

One of the easiest walks around Carsington Water, this 3.28 mile trail is suitable for all skill levels with a shorter estimated time of 1 hour and 22 minutes. This hiking trail is located right next to the Sheepwash Car Park, making it extremely easily accessible. 

You can start off the day by entering the Viewing Tower to get a glimpse of your exciting journey ahead. As you get closer to the end of the walk, observe the distinctive wooden sculptures that brighten up everyone’s day.

4. Carsington Parking Loop from Big Lane

Looking for an easy walk with a unique shaped trail? Well, this is the perfect route for you. Walk right by Carsington Water and enjoy the fresh air engulfing your lungs whilst enjoying the one of a kind sun glinting off the water. 

This beautiful trail that sits right next to the water has a distance of 3.66 miles and takes approximately 1 hour and 36 minutes to complete. The trail does loop around Carsington Parking, making it highly accessible.

5. The Kings Chair Loop from Carsington

This easy hike is great for any fitness level. The starting point of the trail is accessible with public transport, making it extremely easy for anyone to enjoy the unique structures present. 

The most amazing place to watch the glowing sunset, the Kings Chair Loop from Carsington is 4.01 miles long and takes 1 hour and 51 minutes to complete. 

6. Carsington Parking – Memorial at Carsington Water Loop from Hognaston

Dive straight into this unforgettable trail. Not only is it one of the most gorgeous walks around Carsington Water, you’re also faced with an inspiring memorial of the brave individuals who passed away whilst the reservoir was being built. 

Enjoy the blooming flowers surrounding this trail or even drop off your own at the memorial. This easily accessible route is situated near a parking lot and takes 1 hour and 59 minutes to complete with a distance of 4.58 miles. 

7. Middleton Top Visitor Centre – Middleton Top Loop from Carsington

This breathtaking trail starts off at the easily accessible bus station and leads you straight to the Middleton Top Visitor Centre, which offers stunning views of the countryside as well as an educational glimpse into the past. 

This route is 6.15 miles and takes 2 hours and 47 minutes to complete. If you feel like taking a break, have a seat on one of the many sturdy benches and embrace your peaceful surroundings. 

Finish off your journey by passing through the Kings Chair, the perfect place to have a picnic on the wonderfully bright green grass and watch a painting-like sunset to make you feel super energised for the walk back. 

8. Carsington Carved Hut – Carsington Loop from Hognaston

Known for being a fun dog walk, this intermediate hiking trail requires a higher fitness level, which is perfect for those of you who enjoy more challenging walks around Carsington Water. 

The paths are very easily accessible, with the starting point being right next to the parking lot. The walk takes around 3 hours and 17 minutes to complete and has a distance of 7.79 miles. 

During your walk, you can enjoy fantastic views of Carsington Water whilst exploring the alluring Carsington Carved Hut, Armchair and Wooden Sculptures. Finish off your walk by climbing up the stairs of the Viewing Tower and taking an unforgettable mental picture of the views surrounding Carsington Water. 

9. Harboro’ Rocks – The Kings Chair Loop from Hognaston

Another intermediate hiking trail, which requires a good fitness level. However, it is suitable for anybody, even if you don’t have much hiking skills. This trail takes around 3 hours and 43 minutes to complete, with a distance of 8.39 miles. 

All paths are easily accessible with the wide, panoramic Harboro’ Rocks and the Kings Chair landscapes engrossing your eyes. This would be a great option for you if you’re someone who enjoys a mixture of both greenery and mountain rocks. 

10. The Viewing Tower – Carsington Parking Loop from Brassington

Feel like showing off your skills as an expert hiker? This difficult loop is great for any fitness enthusiast. Featuring both the Viewing Tower and Wooden Sculptures, this remains a hiking favourite. 

The trail takes 5 hours and 4 minutes to complete with a distance of 11.4 miles, making it one of the longest walks around Carsington Water with 44% of the route’s surface being unknown.

Why Choose Walks Around Carsington Water?

Not only does Carsington Water have distinguishing beautiful landscapes, but it also has everything you need for a spectacular day out. After returning from your relaxing walks around Carsington Water, you can visit plenty of exciting facilities such as the Water Rail clothing store, Gallery Cafe for a quick snack or have a barbecue or picnic with your loved ones. 

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