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Top Ten Walks Around Matlock

Whether you’re going on holiday in Derbyshire and want some scenic routes to keep you entertained, or you’re going on a drive to find some challenging hikes, you’re in the right place. Derbyshire is a beautiful place to go, with greenery everywhere you look, beautiful old villages and scenic features- you can’t possibly get used to the walks in Derbyshire! 

Take a look at our top 10 walks we’d recommend now.


Cromford, high peak Junction and black rocks circular

Cromford, High Peak Junction and Black Rocks Circular is a 7.1 kilometre (4.4 miles) loop trail, and is great for walks in Derbyshire. You won’t be left bored, as there are scenic views of the beautiful rivers. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and bird watching and is rated as a moderate walk. Not too hard, not too easy! 

If you wish to explore the industrial past of Cromford, this is the place for you. Built by Richard Arkwright, the village was originally used to house the mill workers for the nearby Cromford Mill (also built by him in 1771).

There are boat trips located at the start of the walk on the canal wharf which runs every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday throughout the whole year. In fact, many of the old canal buildings can still be seen, adding to the aesthetic of the area. When you reach the high peak junction, you will join the High peak trail and carry on with your walk. The paths are of good quality, but they can get muddy when it is wet, so make sure you are wearing the most appropriate shoes. There is one steep incline on a section of the walk which could prove difficult for some. This is one of the best walks in Derbyshire, and deserves to take the first place (in my opinion).


High Tor and the Heights of Abraham Circular

High Tor and the Heights of Abraham Circular is also a 9.8 kilometre (6 miles) loop trail located near Matlock, Derbyshire. The walk is rated as moderate, so isn’t too tricky. Dogs can happily get taken on this walk, as long as they are kept on the lead. Similar to the previous walk mentioned above, this walk also features a river, which adds to the appeal and aesthetics of the walks in Derbyshire. 

This is the perfect adventure as it features beautiful views and has a range of terrains. This is a quiet route, so there aren’t many activities, however, the history, wildlife and gardens more than makes up for this. 


Carlton Lees, Edensor and Chatsworth circular walk

Calton Lees, Edensor and Chatsworth Circular Walk is a 9.7 kilometre (6 miles) loop trail located near Matlock, Derbyshire. Again, stunning views of the river is what makes this walk special. This trail is perfect for the whole family as it caters for people of all abilities. The trail is not only used for hiking but also bird watching, making it great if you want one of the most peaceful walks in Derbyshire. Although this walk is great for all abilities, it is very hilly, so be prepared! There is a great benefit to this location being hilly- it’s also very picturesque and goes through the grounds of Chatsworth house. 


Black Rocks circular 

Black Rocks Circular is a 9.5 kilometer (5.9 miles) loop trail located near Matlock, Derbyshire.  This area is bursting with wildlife and views, and is rated as moderate. This trail is perfect for hiking, but again, is a great place for bird watching too! 


Hathersage to Stanage

Located near the tranquil village of Hathersage, this 9 mile walk offers scenic views of the Derwent and Hope Valleys, Mam Tor and Kinderscout. Walking along the stanage edge cliffs, you will not just get beautiful views, but will also experience passing North Lees hall- a historical 16th century manor where the Eyre family once lived. You will also pass on to Stanage Edge, where Pride and Prejudice was filmed.


Kinder Scout 

This location features beautiful views from the highest point in the peak district. Here you will see waterfalls and unique moorland with tranquil streams. This is a walk for advanced walkers, as you are required to walk up steep hills and scramble up steep rocks too. This walk is open to everyone, especially with it being accessible from the village of Edale where there is a train station. Due to this walk being so challenging, we advise you go during a dry period and bring a compass, map and some good walking boots. 


Bakewell, Edensor, Chatsworth walking route

During this walk you will go through part of the monsal trail, through the woods and visit the beautiful village of Edensor before visiting the heart of derbyshire- chatsworth house. This stunning house is open to the public with a pass and you can walk around the gardens overlooking the beautiful historical house. If you get peckish, you can always go for tea and cake in the traditional tea rooms of Edensor, helping you carry on with the rest of your journey.


Cromford Mill and village walking route

This 6-8 mile walk will take you through the home of the industrial revolution so you can explore the real history of derbyshire. This hike will take you through Arkwright’s Mill and around the village of Cromford to get to a nearby tranquil canal. This walk offers serenity and a sense of calm, so if you’re looking for a hike to take you away from the stress of everyday life, right here, you have exactly that. 


By the heights of Abraham to Matlock

This walk begins at the Peak District mining museum, where you can learn about the history of the mining industry and experience a blast from the past. This is a short walk, so is perfect for beginners but it does involve a short but steep hill section. This is a linear walk that takes you to Matlock, via the heights of Abraham and Masson hill. 


Padley Gorge walk- Grindleford train station

This stunning walk takes you through woodland paths, grassy footpaths and moorland trails. This train station walk is a beautiful 5 mile hike, taking you on a circular path, returning you to Grindleford train station. This walk features some of the best views in Hope Valley and is perfect for every walker as there are no steep hills and you can complete the walk in around 3 hours. 

If you’re thinking about going on walks in Derbyshire, perhaps you are also looking for somewhere to stay. Take a look at our website to take a look at some of the best cottages in Derbyshire.