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What to look for in a luxury holiday cottage with hot tub

When it comes to planning a holiday, finding the perfect accommodation can be just as important as the destination itself. If you’re looking for a luxurious getaway, a luxury holiday cottage might be the perfect option for you. These types of properties offer a high level of comfort and amenities, and can provide the ultimate relaxation experience.


But with so many luxury holiday cottages on the market, it can be overwhelming trying to find the perfect one. Here are some things to consider when searching for a luxury holiday cottage with hot tub:



The location of your holiday cottage is important, as it can greatly impact your overall experience whether you are looking to be in the Cotswolds, Cairngorms or need a Luxury holiday Cottage in the peak district, consider whether you want a remote, secluded property or something more central and close to attractions. If you’re looking for a peaceful retreat, a rural location might be ideal, while a more central location might be better for those who want to be near restaurants, shops, and other amenities.

Size and layout

Think about the size of the cottage with hot tub and the layout of the property. If you’re travelling with a group, you’ll want a property with enough space for everyone to have their own privacy. Consider the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as common areas like living rooms and kitchens.



Luxury holiday cottages should offer a range of amenities to make your stay as comfortable and convenient as possible. Look for properties with high-end finishes, such as granite countertops, plush bedding, and designer furniture and even hot tubs!. Other amenities to consider might include a hot tub or pool, a fireplace, and outdoor spaces like a patio or balcony.




Some luxury holiday cottages offer additional services to make your stay even more enjoyable. This might include a concierge service to help with arrangements, a daily housekeeping service, or even a friendly Alpaca’s to keep you company. These services can add an extra level of luxury to your holiday experience.



 If you’re looking for a more active holiday, consider a luxury holiday cottage with hot tub that offers a range of on-site activities or is located near recreational opportunities. This might include access to a gym or tennis courts, or proximity to hiking trails or golf courses.




Before booking a luxury holiday cottage, be sure to read reviews from previous guests. This can give you a good idea of the property’s level of comfort, cleanliness, and overall experience.




Of course, price is always a factor when booking a holiday accommodation. Luxury holiday cottages can range in price, so be sure to shop around and compare different options to find the best deal.


By considering these factors, you can find the perfect luxury holiday cottage for your next getaway. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful retreat or an active holiday, a luxury cottage can provide the ultimate relaxation experience. So start searching and start planning your dream holiday today! 

At Rustic Retreats we try our hardest to provide all of the above with our Luxury Holiday cottages in the peak district.